Door Plates

Our door plates add a professional touch to offices and meeting rooms, with a variety of options available to suit your space.

The plates are low-profile and interchangeable, with no visible fixings and no movement or rattle when the door is opened. They’re also entirely customisable with the lettering, decals, slider systems and change-out options of your choice.

• Low profile
• Available in heights of 35mm and 50mm
• Interchangeable
• No visible fixings
• No movement or rattle when the door is opened
• Slats can be personalised with either laser engraved letters or vinyl decals
• Aluminium plate sliders are available, ideal for ‘vacant’ or ‘in use’ messages
• A laminated acrylic can be specified for the nameplate
• Can be designed for easy and cost-effective change-outs using a paper insert and clear acrylic cover.

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