Turn your ceiling space into selling space with BannerDrop®, the remote-controlled winch system that makes installing large-format displays safer and easier than ever.

Ideal for advertising banners, promotional merchandising and decorations, BannerDrop allows you to raise, lower and change ceiling banners at the touch of a button.

Because absolutely no lifts or ladders are necessary, BannerDrop typically pays for itself after three changes. You’ll enjoy substantial savings while avoiding staff safety issues – no need for equipment rental, specialist labour or after-hours access. You’ll also avoid the possibility of damage to doors and fittings from heavy access equipment.

Suitable for shopping malls, convention centres, atriums, community and school halls, churches and theatres – anywhere with significant ceiling space!

  • Engineered for high quality.
  • Unique design eliminates wire tangling and keeps banners level at all heights.
  • Certified to Australian/New Zealand Standard 1418.2 — 1997 (Serial Hoists and winches).
  • Available in 6kg, 16kg and 63kg lifting capacities:

    – 12v DC power
    – Handheld radio remote control
    – 6kg lifting capacity
    – 9m lifting height.

    BannerDrop® Standard
    – 240 Volt/120W AC power
    – Handheld radio remote control
    – 16 kg lifting capacity
    – 18m+ lifting height.

    BannerDrop® Heavy Duty
    – 240 Volt/170W AC Power
    – Handheld Radio Remote Control
    – 63kg Lifting Capacity
    – 18m+ lifting height
    – 360° motorised rotating option for added impact and improved sightlines.

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